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My name is Yiddam Quiriarte engineer in systems and communications with experience in issues related to digital systems, data, communications, and processes such as: implementation of web software, understanding and definition of roles for managing projects, web design, digital marketing, ability to understand information flows to create optimized simple and complex mechanisms that allow you to capture the sequence of activities of your business process and information flow process, to help make more efficient management and the availability of information, distribution, security and protection.

I specialize in the deployment of web platforms for distribution of news and advertising for multiple platforms and media developed the following activities:

High-impact graphics (Vector, Logos, animated 3d, posters, cards)
Email Marketing (design templates and banners for mass-mailing)
Landing pages (Mini-sites, portals, web business cards)
DVD autoring (design and production sound and Fx 5.1, interfaces)
VoiceOver (voice in Spanish, presentations, narrations, Spots)
High-impact spots (Subliminal advertising in audio and Video)

SEO (optimization of web pages for search engines)
Operation and architecture of social networks (Facebook, twitter, G ++, Tumblr, Pinterest Flickr, Blogspot, WordPress and Medium)
Anonymity on platform internet (anonymous web browsing)
Web Apps (Iphone, Android)

How can I get in contact?

Is very easy please click in contact me in the menu and send me your email and name.



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